Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The beignet. Brings so much joy to all those who have ever had one. French for 'fried dough’, a beignet can best be described as a bit of sweet dough that has been deep fried and topped with a heaping mound of powdered sugar. Sounds delectable doesn’t it?

The best beignets this side of the Atlantic can be found right here in New Orleans at Café Du Monde, the original coffee & beignet stand. Casual and open air with its signature green & white striped awnings, the café sits directly across from the famous Jackson Square. Pop in at any given moment and you'll see exactly what the buzz is all about. Day and night Café Du Monde is filled with folks both young and old, simply enjoying the company of friends and family over a hot cup of café au lait and warm beignets. Café Du Monde is the perfect end to a day spent strolling the world-famous French Quarter, or as a nightcap to an evening out amongst the revelers of Bourbon Street.

Beignets & coffee are the only items on the menu of this establishment that has been around since 1862. Proof that you only need to do one thing really well to keep them coming back for more.

Photo, by Kris K. Edwards


  1. this looks so delicious! yum! I am such a happy person just enjoying food as art! ;) thanks for this moment! lol ;)luv ~Jenn


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