Faces of Mardi Gras | New Orleans

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras is as much about the fabulous floats & majestic marching bands as it is about the people that flock by the thousands from every corner of the globe just to be a part of the celebration. To me, the very best part of Mardi Gras has always been about the people. This is a collection of my favorite 'Faces of Mardi Gras' here in colorful, delightful and magical New Orleans. Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday February 16th.

Images, C.Ermel


  1. Is that Mr. Chrisman with the cigarette high in the air?

  2. Wow, you went there Alan. No, this guy & his family were visiting from Mississippi. They've been coming to Mardi Gras for years. Super nice people.


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