Planning a Road Trip

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday! Not a phrase often said, but it is. Whenever I get the freedom to plan a vacation, it's always a good day!

So Chad & I are a few weeks away from our next big adventure, in the form of a good ol' fashioned road trip, a trek through the eastern half of the country. In between weekend getaways, family vacations and side trips we do this sorta thing every year and a half where we take several weeks off to really vacation somewhere. Our last hoorah was spent traveling the country of France for a month, and believe me, when you can get away for weeks at a time your experience is completely different than just spending a few days away here & there... you truly get to relax, and enjoy. You don't feel rushed or hurried to cram everything into a window of time. If your circumstances allow you to swing it, I recommend it. {Now, I know what you're thinking- "Wow, Lila, I can't afford to do that." Um, chances are, yes you can. It's a misconception that vacations have to cost a small fortune. They don't, trust me on this one. There are way too many bargains out there right now, and everything is negotiable.}

A while back we decided not to head out of the country again until we had explored more of our own country. We've got West of the Mississippi River pretty well covered, but East is a different story. When we really talked about it neither one of us have really spent any time exploring the eastern half of the U.S. so we decided to go for it! We'll take off from New Orleans and drive up to Newport, Tennessee for a few days in the Smoky Mountains. Then we're on to the Big Apple for a week. And, well, that's the extent of our 'plans'... we're leaving the remainder of the trip open to whatever looks interesting, and whatever recommendations we get along the way. I'd love to head up to Niagara Falls, and Portland, Maine... looping back down along the coast through Savannah would be nice too. What are your recommendations for stops along the way? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. my dream vacation...portland maine...New England states. Have a great time...keep us ya.

  2. ooh, we will! will be blogging on the road :)

  3. Hi Lila, New England is just amazing get to Bar Harbour if you can you will love it. Be brave as I was and take the sunlight kayaking trip.....we hope to go back one day......

  4. Christine! We're leaning more & more that way- to scooting up the northeast coast from New York City toward Nova Scotia. Ahhh.


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