Stephane Derbord Restaurant in Dijon, France

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While at the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience Chad & I unexpectedly stumbled upon the Chef of one of our favorite restaurants from our time in France- Chef Stephane Derbord. His restaurant in Dijon, Stephane Derbord, was where we enjoyed one of the best meals of our entire trip. And randomly enough he was the Chef of Honor for this year's New Orleans Wine & Food Experience. I kept wondering how they found this guy from a tiny restaurant in a small French town? In any case, I decided to walk over and let him know how much we enjoyed his restaurant in Dijon. Turns out Stephane didn't speak a lick of English, so after a minute or two of me trying to convey in my broken, Cajun-French way how much "j'adore votre restaurant", it finally clicked with him, he smiled big, shook our hands & served us escargot.

Ah, I think I'm ready to go back to France now.

Image, by C.Ermel


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