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Friday, January 28, 2011

'Tis the reason for our absence as of late. We've moved across the lake from New Orleans to a tiny picturesque town called Madisonville. We're looking forward to slowing down some, and enjoying life rather than chasing it around every curve. We've still got that insatiable wanderlust and hunger to find our next great meal, some things will never change. And some things do. I've made some changes to the site. Honing it in & simplifying. Getting back to the root of why I started this blog in the first place - to share our finds with you, whether we're in south Louisiana or the south of France.

You'll also notice a new face and sound around here... it's just Chad. He's joined in the dialogue too. He's a riot with a keen eye, and fantastic beard... and knows how to tell a story unlike anyone you're likely to meet.

Check back often, as we're taking this blog deep into the bayou...

image, Mandeville, Louisiana via Southern Living


  1. Glad to see you'll be back online soon! I enjoy what you do here and am looking forward to getting to know Madisonville via Twenty Ninth Avenue.

  2. hi christy!
    i'm super happy to be back too. didn't realize how much i missed writing until i stepped away from it for a couple of months. it'll be fun with Chad involved. you don't get that masculine perspective in the blogging world too too often. excited to see how it takes shape :)

    thanks for the note!

  3. glad to see that the two of you will be writing about ya'lls adventures together. i look forward to reading your blog daily, as it keeps me in touch with your exciting life from afar. beautiful life, beautiful writing, and two of the most beautiful people in the world! love to the both of

  4. Hey! Loving the new name/look - excited to hear about life in Madisonville (it looks so pretty & American!!) xxx

  5. mom you have one of the kindest hearts of anyone i know. always have the sweetest things to say. we love you too.

    and lauren, Madisonville is very 'american' & textbook southern. we couldn't be happier with our move, and are looking forward to sharing it with ya'll.


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