Sundays are the best Days

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We should have been unpacking, but taking a boat ride on the waterways that snake through our neighborhood sounded like more fun.

Tchefuncte River, Madisonville, Louisiana


  1. I grew up with Jean Lafitte National Park for a backyard. I haven't been on the water in a while but I love when my paw paw takes us out on the boat. I'm pretty sure I still remember how to water ski, just not sure if I can get up on one ski anymore.

  2. christy,
    we grew up on the water too - the Atchafalaya near Lafayette, and Toledo Bend. which speaking of Toledo Bend, it's a great long weekend away if you're looking for one. and i'm right there with you on the skiing thing. i much prefer to just ride around, and then read a book while the hubs fishes.


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