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Thursday, March 24, 2011

When I describe my hometown of Lafayette to folks, I just never feel as if I do it proper justice. In fact, I ramble on & on about all the greatness that is Lafayette... and then end with "you've just got to go to see and feel what I'm talking about."

And then I stumbled upon this article, describing Lafayette as one of the country's "cool towns." And it undeniably is. There is a lot to be seen, and learned, and heard, and tasted, and experienced in this little nugget in South Louisiana. Some of the most brilliant landscapes, artists, festivals, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, writers, dreamers are located right smack dab in Lafayette.

Like I tell my friends here in New Orleans who've not experienced Lafayette yet, "you've just got to go to see and feel what I'm talking about. Get in your car, and drive the 2 hours. Your stomach and your mind will thank you for it."

Image, The Independent Weekly


  1. My memories of Lafayette are so faded but I do remember the crawfish boils and how big Mardi Gras was... saying 'come see' and Ms. DeleVenge which I am sure I hacked her name... and Miss Leleux? The theatre teacher who had a questionable reputation? I guess I was too young to notice the world around me other than school and writing notes to my friends :)

  2. i totally remember Ms. Leleux- she's one that i'll never forget. quite a character, but then again she was a Theatre Teacher.

    i wonder if i can still fold notes like in the good ol' days? :)

    best to you & your family!


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