Festival International de Louisiane

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's my favorite Festival in Louisiana. Why? It's the feeling of the whole place that you can't really put into words. It's made up of the people, the food, the music, the dancing, the art, the ambiance, the friends, the family, the laughs, the hugs, the running into people you haven't seen in years.
And everyone is genuinely having a good time.
There's local music by the guy that could very well be your grandpa, and probably is.
And there's international music from the crew that made the trek to Lafayette from Haiti.
There's a display of adoration for our culture and the music that defines it.
And an equal embrace of the French music that subtly hints at our history.
A stranger, that I later learned was also living in New Orleans, popped down next to me on the curb and said it best, with a little smile on her face. "I wonder why people don't know about this. This is amazing, this town is amazing. This whole thing (with a swish of her hand) is unbelievable." Yes friendly stranger with your adorable red-headed baby, I would agree wholeheartedly. And with that, we'll see you next year.


  1. Yes ma'am! Agreed! The Festival is amazing and such ingrained in who I am and my culture. I tell everyone that my favorite holiday is Festival! And my favorite part is that when you see people there, you always greet them with "Happy Festival!"

  2. "Happy Festival!" followed up with a hug & a kiss, even if you don't know the person.

    What I love about Lafayette :)


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