Jean Lafitte, Louisiana

Monday, May 23, 2011

Every couple of months we head down to the tiny shrimping community of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, about 45 minutes south of New Orleans. Lafitte is one of those small South Louisiana towns that just feel good. It's filled with hard-working, genuine people and the waterways are packed with shrimp boat after shrimp boat. One of my closest friends has a camp there on the water, and if left to my own devices I could literally sit on the porch all day long watching the boats go by. Usually it's just the girls that make the trek down to Lafitte for a quick weekend away, but this time the husbands came along. Lots of laughs, a bit of fishing, and plenty of eating.


  1. Funny, I grew up in Marrero and my mom lives in Crown Point now so I am well acquainted with Lafitte. We used to go water skiing all the time out there and I've been on more boat rides than I can count.

  2. My friend in the photo above grew up in Marrero (the Plaisances). She went to Immaculata, we met at UL in Lafayette.

    I just love Lafitte - we have girls' weekends out there every other month or so. Such a quick drive, but feels like you're light years away. Love the slower paced way of life down there. This time around I met a guy who does the whole soft shell crab harvesting. Walked 3 doors down and bought a dozen soft shell crabs. Doesn't get much fresher than that, and it came with a hug & a kiss on the cheek :)

    hope to see you soon Christy!


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