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Monday, June 27, 2011

If you're like me, you'd say that traditional travel guides (Frommers, Fodors) are a wealth of knowledge. And also completely overwhelming. It's just too much information packed onto black and white sheets, with no real way to navigate or decipher the good information from the information that doesn't pertain.

A savvy-smart travel type must have woken up one day and thought, "This can be done better." And Eyewitness Travel was born. Travel books packed with glossy pictures proclaiming: The guides that show you what others only tell you. So brilliant because pictures draw you in, play to your emotions and senses, and get you smiling about a place. So much easier to zero in on what appeals to you when you have pictures of everything right there along with the details. Well done DK, two of your guides came home from Barnes & Noble with us yesterday.



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