Fashion Week Spr/Su 2012 | New Orleans

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In a previous life, I did this.

I'm pretty sure of it because of the feeling I get when I'm around fabric, sewing machines, and runway shows. It's the kind of happy that comes from those little flutters deep inside that fulfill you, or have the potential to. You know when you've hit upon something that strikes a spark inside. And you've got to explore until you know what it means.
Last night I had the pleasure of attending NOLA Fashion Week's first evening of collection presentations by local designers Camrich Mann and Andrea Loest. From the 3rd floor of Martine Chaisson Gallery overlooking Camp Street below, the music echoed and the photographers' lights flashed as the small door at the end of the room gently opened to introduce the models.

There's something about fashion and design that I'm inexplicably drawn to. And maybe it just comes with the territory of being a woman. Maybe we all have this insatiable appetite for adorning ourselves with things that fit our particular bodies just so.
Images, from my bb camera


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