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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter time calls for soup. Gumbos, Tortilla Soup, Tomato Basil. One soup I eat often but have never attempted to make is Miso. It's said to fight radiation in the body and reduce the risk of breast cancer, among other good tidings. To me, it just tastes good. So I flipped through a few recipes, jotted down some ingredients, and headed across the bridge to the mecca of Asian Markets in these parts - Hong Kong Market in Gretna. Not only are there crates of produce you've likely not seen before, but there are also rows of cookware and dishes, traditional Japanese hats and cleavers. The prices are insanely low. A large package of peeled garlic? $1.89. Those blue and white perfect porcelain spoons? $0.69 each.
I found just about everything I needed for my soup. Not going to deny it, it was a challenge as most everything is labeled in Chinese or Japanese. A trip that should have taken 10 minutes turned into an hour and a half. Mostly my fault for getting side-tracked by the bowls.
The only thing I didn't find was the key ingredient for my miso soup - the bonito flakes. I did find boxes full of instant miso, tempting. But I stuck to my guns to do the soup properly. More satisfaction that way. And I gathered from the nice stocker in aisle 4 that they should receive bonito later in the week. As he didn't speak much English, I couldn't entirely tell if he was waving or telling me '5' days with a spread of his fingers. Either way, looks like another trip is in order.

Before you leave, head to the far right of the market and visit the butcher for a to-go plate of Peking duck.
I'll be sure to share my Miso soup recipe here with you all. In the meantime, take a trip over to Hong Kong Market. It's an experience for the senses. The little Pho restaurant just outside the front doors and to the right has some phenomenal Vietnamese spring rolls which go quite well with their fresh squeezed lemonade.
Hong Kong Market
925 Behrman Highway
Gretna | Westbank New Orleans


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