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Monday, January 02, 2012

My husband's family lives in a tiny town in east Texas- Liberty, if you're familiar. The kind of place where everyone knows everyone, wide open fields, one Chili's, one Baptist Church.

And a Cato.

I'd never been in a Cato before, so when Chad's mother needed a new pair of black pants to wear to Christmas Eve dinner, I jumped in the car with her. It took me about 3 minutes of browsing to decide we needed to play dress up. And Chad's mom was going to be my model. We left with a new wardrobe for my mother-in-law, but not before I hit the jewelry section. To spot this.
Technically it was a ring, and for $9.99. Much too large to be my ring. But I knew it would make a ridiculous brooch, as I tend to pin many of my jackets & tops closed with a pin of some sort. Plus, I always feel more pulled together with a brooch. Instantly elegant. I hit Hobby Lobby for a small pack of pin backers and super glued the sucker on.

Statement making brooch. For less than $12.

I don't know about you but I oftentimes find a piece of jewelry that I love- love the color, love the shape, but the piece would never work on me as its originally intended. Gigantic earrings or a large pendant necklace, for example. But if the price is right and I love the color and shape, I buy it and fashion it into a brooch. Just because something is labeled one way, doesn't mean it has to end up that way,


Image, is mine.


  1. When I first started reading this, I thought for sure you were gonna say he was from Kingsville, TX. We were stationed there and they had the exact same stores and that was it! I learned to shop at cato regularly, and vowed never to eat at Chili's again after we moved! HA!

    P.S LOVE LOVE LOVE your new broach!

  2. Texas is notorious for its small towns with exactly 3 stores, 1 restaurant, and 1 large Baptist Church! and every time we're home at his parents, we exciting afternoon or night consists of margaritas at the Chili's bar. so very comforting though, those small towns are.

    thanks for the compliment on the brooch, it was a good find indeed,



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