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Friday, February 24, 2012

When I come across something good, I like to share it. That's pretty much how this blog got started in the first place. Here are 5 products that are doing me right,

No. 1, Lancome's Spice Pink Lipstick, Dillards for $30
I only recently started wearing lipstick because I love the way a bright lip looks against a clean face with minimal make-up. You can go light or you can go bright with this one. This limited edition lipstick is actually from Kate Winslet's cosmetic line through Lancome that has proceeds going to her Golden Hat Foundation - a non-profit dedicated to bettering the lives of children with autism. Look good, do good.

No. 2, DDF Acne Control Treatment, Sephora for $45/1.7oz
I'm 33 and still get the occasional blemish. A kind 20-year old at Sephora saved me ... "Miss, You're eligible for a free gift, Would you like the nude lipgloss, the body butter, or the acne treatment?" Blushing, I snatched the acne treatment sample and gave it a whirl. Using the cream twice a day, it radically cleared up my breakouts and continues to keep them at bay. If you struggle with the occasional blemish, I recommend the stuff. It's not cheap ($45/1.7oz), but it works, and a tube will last you months.

No. 3, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer w/SPF 15, Drugstore for $10
A tip from my Dermatologist to help clear up my skin, I swapped the Oil of Olay I'd been using for years, for Oil-Free Neutrogeana moisturizer. I use the SPF 15, you can opt for more coverage with their SPF 35 if you need.

No. 4, Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, Sephora for $27
Several years back I was at a makeup counter getting my make-up done. The girl asked why I wore mascara on both my lower & upper lashes. I shrugged. She told me to apply mascara to the upper lashes only, to keep from making my eyes look beady. I took offense at first, no one wants to hear that their face looks like a mess. But now, it's the only way I wear mascara. I'm loving Lancome's Hypnose mascara, the brush is curvy, the mascara is easy to work with, and I swear it smells like roses.

No. 5, Clear Eyes Redness Relief, Drugstore for $5
Every morning after I wash my face, I drop a drop of Clear Eyes in each eye. It immediately absorbs any redness and awakens my eyes.

Have you come across anything recently that has you wondering how you ever lived without it? Well, do share,



  1. I also use Oil of Olay, maybe I will try your suggestion. I also put it on both my neck and back of hands as those areas are usually forgotten and have thin skin just like the face.

    1. Neutrogena is oil free which made all the difference for my somewhat oily skin. I use the old school orange facewash as well, good stuff, and affordable. I forget about my hands, thanks for the reminder Kiki!


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