Ms. Botox

Thursday, March 01, 2012

A stranger has made her way into my conversations with the women I've known the longest. I don't know where she came from, I certainly didn't seek her inclusion, we were perfectly fine without her. But several months back, she showed up and she's been the center of attention each and every time we get together. Maybe you know her too? She's known on the street simply as,


What? I'm 33 for heaven's sake, I hardly feel the age where I need to be embracing her as a part of my life. I did do some damage in my 20's in the sun and tanning beds, something I'm not proud of, and mothers do not let your daughters go in those tanning beds! I'm now a reformed sun addict, doing damage control with routine Dermatologist visits and the scary skin biopsies that come along with them. Lathering on the SPF when I do find myself at the beach or on the boat. I've really gotten off topic, there's just so much passion inside about playing it safe in the sun!

Back to Botox. And the answer for me when she becomes the center of conversation attention is - She's not for me. I like my lines where they are, I like a healthy, clean face that has aged. You can slow it, but you can never stop it. And like I tell my girlfriends, I certainly won't judge you for bringing Botox into your life. You can quite do what you like to do. If filling in a line or two gives you a little more pep in your step, then by all means, fill in. Because the world needs more people with pep in their steps! At this point in time, she's just not for me. I'm going to try to combat the signs of aging by eating healthy, taking care of my skin, keeping stress at bay to be happy, and exercising when I can. And I may be incredibly odd, but I quite find an aged face the most beautiful of all, because something about it evokes confidence.

I found this photo of a Tel Aviv Gallery Owner while flipping through hundreds of photos taken by a fashion photographer. She's so incredibly lovely. There's character to her face. It's different, it reads a life well-lived, an interesting woman whose seen much and really knows herself. Not that a filled-in face can't portray that, rather I just get an acute sense of sadness when I see an overly pulled and altered face. I'm personally more inspired by women who embrace themselves naturally, it's how I want to portray myself.

So to Ms. Botox, you're welcome to join the lives of others, but mine is quite fine just the way it is.


Image, tonbogirl


  1. Oh, I am SO with you here! No judgement to anyone who does choose to include Ms. Botox in their life, but for me, I am an avid believer in Natural Beauty. It's so much more enchanting!

    1. nope, no judgement at'all. sometimes i just want to take a camera around and snap shots of women who're truly, naturally beautiful to me. because there's always someone that stops you in your tracks. chad always gets on about staring. but i can't help it! stunning women dressed impeccably, with an aura about them. i try to get the shots, but always feel too voyeuristic.

  2. I don't have a problem with women (and some men) wanting to do a little maintenance. Whatever makes ya happy, right? However people tend to get too extreme with these surgical upgrades, and stop looking natural. It's like the plastic surgery and injections start becoming so distracting they negate the reason for them in the first place. I'm with ya Lila, I'd rather try to take care of myself the best I can. Besides, I still get carded when buying liquor all the time at 32. I'll take that as a good sign.

    1. exactly Christy, whatever makes you smile and keep doing what you're supposed to be doing! i do think it's become a problem in our country, and it makes me sad. if only women knew how beautiful they really were without all the business!


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