Snaps from the Kitchen Tour | New Orleans

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yesterday's Kitchen Tour went off without a hitch, or a cloud in the sky. And we flew past our fundraising goal, which made all the hoopla & tedious work the past few months so worth it. Running out of the house early to make sure everything was in order I forgot my good camera, but I did manage to snap a few photos of what caught my eye. And mostly it was window treatments, given we're in the middle of renovating our kitchen & breakfast room and dressing up the windows have me stumped. There are too many options. Sheers, patterned panels, roman shades, naked? One design element I loved yesterday, regardless of the overall style of the space, were bamboo shades. So simple and organic, I came to realize that they bring comfort and add just enough casualness to an otherwise formal room.

Our pantry is similar, long and slender with a tall plantation-shuttered window at the end. I like how the homeowner Julia Reed, Oh yeh, you recognize that name don't you? She's the brilliance behind I like how she popped the space open by not enclosing it with a door. The curtains, paint, shelving, and bar cabinetry all make it a room, not just a closed off pantry.

Herbs. If you cook with them, grow them where you cook.

And those see-through bamboo shades again! The black chairs in our breakfast room have woven seats, so I've been toying with sheers or simple bamboo shades. Seeing these this way made my decision.

Maps, stopped me in my tracks. I actually think my friend Lauren bumped into me because I was stuck staring.

This house, ya'll, I'm telling you was impeccable to me. These linen drapes had a skinny embellishment sewn onto the edge, adding a little something. Those little somethings add up to so much. You can buy drapes off the shelf, then head to your local fabric store to find an embellishment & sew it on yourself. It's just straight-line sewing which is the best kind!

I'd probably guess this homeowner's curtain rod is the real deal, but painted pvc pipe + a few elbows to get around the bends here will give you the same look. Just throwing it out there, one of those Ahhhhh tips from an interior designer friend.

Thinking of this for our bay window in the kitchen, sheer linen London shade, just enough coverage while still letting the light in.

Saw lots of water features in courtyards & patios. I loved this super shallow reflecting pool with the patterned stone bottom.

Here's a shot of the surrounding landscape, doesn't really do the courtyard justice, but lots of lush & green, some potted, some planted. I'm sending this picture to my dad while he lays out our landscape plan for the house. I wouldn't mind a water feature, not a pool or anything, but something small for that babbling water sound. So peaceful to hear with the windows and back door open,

You can flip through magazines & online catalogs all day to get inspiration for your own home, but there's nothing quite like actually being inside a space. If you're remodeling, building, renovating, I recommend doing a home tour of some sort. It's amazing how much inspiration you can get from walking through the homes, talking to the homeowners, designers, and other attendees. And if you come to a home tour in New Orleans, I can guarantee all that plus a proper rum cocktail handed to you, with a smile, at the front door.



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