Sedona, AZ | Mini-Guide

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I may have mentioned this before, but there is something insanely relaxing and serene about the desert. It's typically quiet and there's not a lot going on, comparatively speaking. Perfect spot to relax and leave the day-to-day behind. And one of my favorite spots to do just that in the desert southwest is Sedona, Arizona. Part artsy, part romance, full-on outdoorsy. It's a quick drive down from Las Vegas (4.5hrs), or you can fly into Phoenix International and drive up. If you're driving in from the North, be sure to make a stop in Flagstaff, Arizona, a charming mountain town with quaint shops & eateries. Whether staying overnight or just a pit-stop to stretch the legs and enjoy a cocktail, the La Posada Hotel & Gardens and the Hotel Weatherford are beauties. However you choose to get to Sedona, here are my recommendations once you're there,

S t a y
Adobe Village Graham Inn, stay in the Lonesome Dove Villa
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S h o p
Set atop a plateau it has been dubbed the most scenic airport in America. So we went out one evening and watched the little cessnas fly in and out. It's all really quite stunning. There's also a small airport bar, which always makes life more fun.
Have you been to Sedona? If so, what are you favorites?
Images, by C.Ermel. To see more of our photos from Sedona, head over to our Facebook Page to view the Sedona, AZ Album- click here to be redirected.


  1. I LOVE Oak Creek Brewery!

    Also Grasshopper Point is a great swimming hole on Oak Creek. There's usually a lot of people at the point itself, but if you wander a bit you'll feel more secluded. Sadly I never did a lot of hiking in Sedona- I logged most of my miles in the Grand Canyon instead.

    1. We found Oak Creek but didn't go in, you're right, too many people when we were there - shoulda kept wandering! Next time we go, I want to try out some of the famed spas!


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