Sunday Drive | Folsom, Louisiana

Monday, May 21, 2012

 I looked over at Chad yesterday afternoon and said, "Hey, wanna go for a drive?"


So we grabbed an atlas, yes we still use those, and hopped in the car at sunset. Driving north of Covington out toward Folsom is stunning, really. Hilly, green, remote. There were times that I wondered if we were still in Louisiana. A partially lit 'Hot Boiled Crawfish' neon sign in an old convenience store assured me we very much were. We weren't looking for anything in particular, sometimes it's just nice to disconnect and drive. See something you've not seen before. Like St John the Baptist Church in Folsom, down a side road of a side road. And Global Wildlife, the largest totally free-roaming preserve for endangered & exotic animals in the country.

Next time you're sitting around the house, wondering what to do, put yourself in the car & Go see something new. You'd be surprised to know what's in your own backyard.

Images, are mine


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