6 Cruises Worth the Sail

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cruises carry a certain connotation, now don't they? I'm guilty of carrying one in my mind- that of throngs of tipsy, loud tourists packed liked sardines on a ship deck bound for the islands. Recently though I've been intrigued with cruises. In part due to the fact we have a port here in New Orleans .. and I can't help but overhear conversations from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances about the genuinely good times they've been having on a cruise. A friend of mine recently set sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Spain. Her pictures and stories were so far from the idea of cruising I've always had in my mind. A travel agent friend told me I should look into small cruise lines, for the intimacy, educational aspects, and food. So I've been digging into cruise options, and trying to convince Chad it's a good idea. . and I've got to tell you, my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of travel. Here's my round-up of 6 Cruises, large & small, I'd take tomorrow if given the chance. 

No. 1
My grandparents sailed the Amazon in their sailboat, must be the allure for me.
Begin in Iquitos & Nauta, Peru to spend 5 days exploring the Pacaya Samiria Reserve- 5 million acres of protected flooded forest.
No. 2
I've not once heard a bad thing about an Alaskan Cruise.
From Vancouver to Anchorage, with stops along the way in towns such as Ketchikan & Skagway.
No. 3
M e d i t e r r a n e a n   C r y s t a l   C r u i s e
Leave from Istanbul for Italy & Greece.
No. 4
C a n a d a   &   N e w   E n g l a n d   a b o a r d   P r i n c e s s   C r u i s e   L i n e s
Starting in New York to visit Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Quebec.
No. 5
Norwegian Cruise to the Western Caribbean
Deport from our town of New Orleans, doesn't get any more convenient or affordable.
Stops in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico
No. 6
China's Yangtzi River w/ Sanctuary Retreats
Luxurious spa treatments, excursions, and cuisine .. and accommodations for no more than 124.

Chad, do I have you properly convinced? What about you, what is your most memorable cruise trip?
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  1. When I was on my one and only cruise (thus far), I became obsessed with grilling seasoned cruisers about their favorite cruise destinations. I always got the same responses: China, Italy, Greek isles, and Alaska! I think this blog pretty much nails it. Love it, love it, love it! C'mon Chad! Give it a go. Very stress free travel...

    1. Well I do know that he downright loves Alaska, so that may be a way to ease him into it!

  2. This is awesome. Ryan and I were talking Sunday night about how we would never do a huge cruise, but how awesome the two we did in China were. The one you feature is similar to ours. We did a 5 night-er up the Yangtze (while they were building the BIG DAM - amazing!) on a similarly-sized boat and it was just right.

    1. Thanks Anne, yes there are so many options now on smaller to mid-size boats for cruising. It is more expensive, but the experience is just that - an experience rather than a party. We're talking about taking the quick 4-day Western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans this fall to ease ourselves into it. I'll be sure to report back! The Santuary & Delfin Cruises I mentioned above are definitely those 'trip of a lifetime' type deals. Seeing the Amazon & seeing China that way would be unreal.

  3. I went on my first cruise this past January to Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico aboard Carnival. I had a pretty mixed experience, mostly because I didn't feel like we got enough time to really get a good feeling for the places we were going. That said, I'd go on another but I'd pick a different cruise line and I'd definitely upgrade to a room with a balcony.

    Oh, and here's a link if you haven't read this already: http://uptownmessenger.com/2012/01/christy-lorio-cruise-culture/

    1. Truthfully, I've heard the same about Carnival. Good for families, those wanting a budget vacation, or those wanting a quick getaway without too many expectations. I'd try Norwegian if I were you - I've heard wonderful things about their line, they're a little more expensive than Carnival but still really affordable. And they sail out of New Orleans too. Chad & I are looking into taking their Western Caribbean cruise (the one I mention above) this fall!

      Your complaint about not enough time to dig into the places you were going is one of the main reasons we haven't done a cruise - we like slow travel. But I think with some of the smaller lines you will have more time, the excursions are more enriching, the food onboard is better, the whole experience is different .. at least that's what I'm reading & hearing! Good luck if you do another, and I'll report back once we take our maiden voyage!


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