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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nearly every time I travel, I come home wanting to redecorate at least a little something. Being around other cultures and noticing the details of the way they adorn their lives is insanely inspiring to me. I always buy at least one functional home decor item from the places I visit. Like those old pictures that I found in a Prague junk shop or the silver serving utensils from Sedona. Permanent visible reminders of good travels throughout our home. And hotels themselves can be very inspiring in that regard. I rounded up some pictures of hotels around the world with perfect spaces - from the front porch to the pool in the back - easily transitionable into residential homes without seeming location cliche.

F  R O N T  &  E X T E R I O R  @
GoldenEye | Jamaica
A porch over water, multiple balconies, and thick forest. This Jamaican resort, yes resort, could easily be a single family home.
S I T T I N G  A R E A  @
Hotel Savoy | Florence, Italy
This Italian hotel is family-friendly, which must explain the easy yet elegant decor going on in the foyer. The vertical display of prints is on trend, as are the pair of chairs flanking a cigar table.
D I N I N G  @
Huka Lodge | New Zealand
The idea of elegant yet comfortable chairs surrounding a rustic farm table, with a view, is very appealing. Eat & visit for hours.
G U E S T  B E D R O O M  @
Rachamankha | Chiang Mai, Thailand
I actually have a red & khaki Egyptian rug from my grandparents that is serving as the inspiration for one of our guest rooms. The minimal art, furniture and bamboo window coverings used in this guest room at Thailand's Rachamankha are in line with what I'm thinking for our guest space.
B A T H R O O M  @
Soho House Berlin | Germany
It's no secret, I love some white. Minimal white & chrome speaka my language. And don't think those herringbone floor tiles were lost on me either.
P O O L  @
Riad El Fenn | Marrakech, Morocco
I just love the simple white loungers with red & white striped linens, the vine trees for shade & privacy, and the covered alcove of the pool at the far end.
What hotel stands out in your mind as one of those perfect ones?
Images, Pool - Camels & Chocolate; the others are from Coo Boutique and Mr & Mrs Smith


  1. I LOVE this old wonky hotel in Little Rock that we stay in every time we go down from Fayetteville. It's called the Legacy Hotel. It's sort of run down and is in serious need of renovation but I love it for it's history, weird staircase (it wraps around floors and uses the hallways as "landings") and marble floors.

    1. Kim, I'm a fan of wonky hotels myself. A particular hotel, Talbot Heirs, in Memphis comes to mind actually.
      I've yet to explore Arkansas. I hear wonderful things about it all the time, in fact I was just telling my husband that we need to make it a priority to visit. Any recommendations for a first-time visitor?

  2. One of the most interesting hotels I have ever had the pleasure of staying in is The Algonquin Hotel in NYC. It was my second ever visit to NYC. It was just a few long weeks after Katrina. My husband (now ex) and I just got married 4 days after Katrina. He was hired by the Red Cross to preform at Town Hall in NYC with Walter Wolfman Washington along with a line up of many other New Orleans musicians and world famous musicians like Elvis Costello, etc. Needless to say it was an amazing few days. We went from being homeless to staying at the Algonquin, which I knew nothing about. We met our friend Davis Rogan there (Steve Zahn plays Davis in Treme). He was not staying there but more so piggy backing off of the gracious luxuries that the Red Cross extended to us. If you ever watched Treme the Davis on there is played very accurately. Likes attention. When I walked into the hotel for the first time it blew my mind. It was like I was back in 1950 and by the look of Davis sitting in the bar, he clearly thought he was William Faulkner. He was totally playing the part. It was ridiculous. The concierge desk was tiny but the cat hanging out on the counter was HUGE. And the smell was amazing. I felt like I was captured in time. The elevator was amazingly tiny and the hotel was super old. But beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. We were so happy to be there, sleeping in a bed rather than a floor. We ended up hanging out in the lobby/bar/library area since it really made us feel important and studious. Well Kevin and I were important and studious. Davis . . Not sure about that guy. LOL. Anyway . . I could go on and on about that particular day into night. One of the most interesting days of my life. I started out in downtown Lafayette and ended up at the top of the penthouse of the Royalton talking to the NYC police commissioner about being a hurricane victim with Tracey Chapman and Gilbert Godfreid standing behind me. It gets even more bizarre with even more famous people but I will leave that for another blog post. I've always wanted to go back to that hotel. Just to feel important again, you know.

    1. Julie! I absolutely love this story - you painted such a clear visual for me. This may sound weird but I always love hearing people's Katrina stories, because everyone has one .. some sad, but some very uplifting as well. You'll have to fill me in on the remainder of this story some other time my sweet!


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