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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Growing up on the water, I've done quite a bit of fishing in my time. From a pier, or from a boat, for a couple of hours at most. Next week I've got my first long haul fishing excursion .. meaning I'll be in a boat all day, sun up to sun down. Takes prep'ing for a fishing trip to a new level. I've got to be prepared, make sure I've got everything I need for a proper day in the sun. Now that I'm a bit older, baking all day long is no longer an option so I've rounded up my picks to ensure that I have a sun-safe, pleasant and low-maintenance day out on the water .. and looking good while doing so never hurt anyone either. Reds, yellows, and khakis, these walk the talk of being functional and fashionable.

No. 1 - S H I R T
Long sleeve breathable shirt to protect your skin from the sun.
No. 2 - S H O E S
 Pair of non-skid, toe-protecting comfortable shoes. I like my Toms.
     No. 3 - L I N EN  D R A W S T R I N G  P A N T S
To slip on when you've had enough sun, or to just wear over your swimsuit throughout the day. White reflects the sun, and looks great paired with any other color.
No 4. - H A I R  W R A P
Hair in a bun, kept in place with a turban / dread style headwrap. Hats will fly off while cruising in a boat, this wrap will stay in place. No doubt your hair will be a mess from the wind & elements, a messy bun is functional and fashionable.
No. 5 - S W I M S U I T
You know your body, so wear a swimsuit that fits you and that you won't be tugging on all day .. you want one that's going to stay in place while you're reeling in the big ones. I'm personally into retro style one-pieces right now (click here to see my other picks), but a simple triangle top bikini works too.
No. 6 - H A T  &  S U N G L A S S E S
This hat & those aviators have become fixtures this summer (that's me at Jazz Fest). The big floppy hat on a fishing trip is a necessity. It'll blow around while you're cruising, but while you're anchored for hours on end it'll be a lifesaver.
No. 7 - T O T E  B A G
For the Sunblock, Chapstick, Hand Towel, Eyedrops, Camera, Flip Video, Book, Magazines, Few bottles of Water, Snacks like raw almonds, dried fruit, and Skittles, and Ginger candies + Dramamine to nip sea-sickness.
Hopefully this list gave you ladies a bit of inspiration to incorporate the next time your beau asks you to join him for a day on the water! What are some of your musts for a day-long fishing trip?

Images, No.1 - Magellan; No. 2 - Toms; No. 3 - Old Navy; No. 4 - Bachman's Sparrow; No. 5 - Kelly B Couture; No. 6 - Ray Bans & me at Jazz Fest in my Target yellow floppy hat (photo courtesy of Scene Magazine); No. 7 - Banyan Hippo


  1. Wow this was helpful. But I have a fishing trip with my Team (formal group) and I have lunch at Italian place right before the fishing excursion. So im two minds about what to wear! :(

  2. OMG this is exactly what I was looking for. You're a gem for posting!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! Seriously, this helped me soo much
    thanks again!


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