Herbs at Home or Away

Monday, July 09, 2012

After attending a tour of residential kitchens through New Orleans several months ago, one kitchen stood out to me - the kitchen with a collection of herbs on the countertop. The entire kitchen was understated, and it made me realize how beautiful herbs inside the home can be. They were the statement of that kitchen. So I grabbed a few statements myself this weekend at the Covington Farmer's Market - tiny pots of lemon thyme and traditional basil - and planted them in clay pots to sit in our bay window. Simple, natural, and functional additional of color to our otherwise white kitchen.

The next time you find yourself on vacation be sure to visit the nearest Farmer's Market. You'll find one nearly any place in the world, and it's such a neat way to get a taste, quite literally, of the local way of life. When we're traveling, Chad & I like stopping by a Farmer's Market first thing in the morning to grab fresh snacks for the day. And if you prefer slow travel, tending to stay in vacation rentals versus hotels, a tiny pot of herbs from one of the local farmers will add a little bit of home to the otherwise unfamiliar digs .. and you can cook a fresh local meal with them!

Image, Lemon Thyme from the Covington Farmer's Market in Louisiana


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