The Intrigue of Local Louisiana Travel

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Folks travel to the far ends of the earth - hey, I'm one of them - to be inspired by and learn from other cultures. A recent fishing trip down south of New Orleans to where Louisiana's speckled coastline meets the Gulf of Mexico served as a reminder that I have some of that right here. I think I speak for most locals when I say that it's fairly easy for us to take this place for granted. We don't know any different other than what we learned growing up in the midst of the Cajun culture. Learning the two-step as children, playing on the levees as teenagers. We don't give a second glance to the shrimp boats dotting a canal. And we assume everyone knows how to peel crawfish and make a roux, because we've been doing it since we could pull a stool up to the kitchen counter. It's a simple and beautiful way of life.

I've been blessed to see so many beautiful ways of life through my travels. But to this day there's not another place or sight that gets to my soul like driving across the Atchafalaya Bridge at sunset. Nothing. Partly because it's home, and partly because I know there's no other spot in this country like it with it's own culture, economy, aesthetic, dialect, music, and cuisine. Whether we're talking about Acadiana or New Orleans. Go even further south, and you'll feel it even more so. I can only hope that it tugs at others the way it does to me. And the people? Humble, honest, salt of the earth. And be sure, they all come with a story. Just talk to them.
Images, Top is of shrimp boats early morning in Cocodrie; Bottom is a shot that I took of Cocodrie area local, Andy, while we were out fishing. One of those from the hip shots that he was unaware of. Later, over fried fish, I showed him .. and he smiled. The shot next to him is of fishing tackle on our boat out in the Gulf.


  1. That's exactly what has drawn me so much to Arkansas, after growing up in Massachusetts. It's so much more foreign to me than when I lived in France, as weird as that seems.

    1. It doesn't seem weird at all Kim- Louisiana has that same appeal for me.


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