Houston Museum of Natural Science

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Would you believe it if I told you I'd never been to a dinosaur museum? 34 years old and never been around a Brontosauras or Trilobite. So when we were in Houston last week looking for something a bit touristy to do, and a bunch of friends told us we should hit up the Museum of Natural Science, we did!

The exhibit started us out at 540 MYA, that's 540 million years ago. It was really cool to see the exhibits, to imagine what our world was like once upon a time. Everything was well done - monochromatic, elegant even - like I could just pick a piece up and plop it onto my wall at home. The Mineral Collection may have been my favorite. The space was minimal and pitch dark except for the delicate clear cases containing a single mineral or precious stone - those were lit up with a single beam of light. Soft classical music played. I kept thinking how neat it would be to have dinner in that space...

Images, Houston Museum of Natural Science on Hermann Park Drive


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