Staying in Touch While Overseas

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Q: Mrs. Constant Tourist, my brother is going to Paris for five weeks and wants to know the best way to communicate with home. Other than Skype, any free ways / apps for calling or texting?   -Anne, Lafayette, LA

A: Your brother is in for a treat, Paris is such a spectacular city! All of the different arrondissements, each with their own personality, means he'll never tire of exploring. And if he does want to venture out, such easy, quick access to other European cities via rail. So, to answer your question about staying in touch. I personally use Skype for business and leisure. It's great and free, both parties just need to have a login. You can use the video feature, or not, and opt for audio only. Viber has been gaining recognition as another tool for free calls, texts, and photo sharing domestically & internationally. Both parties must have the Viber install on their phones in order to communicate with each other. If not, it will cost, so make sure the folks he plans to call have the Viber install. There are some newer apps on the market, the kinks are still being worked out on them, but if your brother is an app guy, tell him to look into Whatsapp or Line.

Last thing to mention here. Be sure to have your brother call his provider before he leaves the country to tell them he'll be in France for five weeks. They'll get his phone configured and squared away so that he's not incurring any ridiculous charges.

Tell your brother to dig in, and have a blast!
Image, we spotted this guy video'ing Prague Castle live for the person on the other end of that iPad


  1. I love Skype! I use it everyday, so I can keep in touch with my mom. I would add instagram. It is the best way to share photos and experiences immediately with friends and family all around the world. And if both parties have an iPhone/iPad: FaceTime!

  2. Skype is my go-to as well Hanna! Forgot about Instagram - thanks for throwing that in too. Loving your pictures by the way, you've become quite a photographer. Your Iceland shots are just perfect!


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