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Monday, October 22, 2012

Travel meets Fashion meets Food. Friends, meet sweet Candace Chang.
After studying fashion at university in Texas, Candace left the United States to work in Singapore's lucrative fashion industry. At the start, it was thrilling, she was doing exactly what she'd set out to do but slowly Candace became unfulfilled. She began to open up to her family about her desires to do something more, something she was really passionate about. She always had a love of food and cooking, but it took a photograph of pastries (taken during her mother's trip to Spain) to set her creative juices flowing. She'd never seen such beautiful desserts. At that moment, Candace knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to bring that style of baking and dessert experience to Texas.

So she packed up her belongings in Singapore to move back home with her family in Hong Kong. She sought out a French pastry chef, and for months she learned as much as she could, honing the art of not only fine baking but creative aesthetic. Why a French pastry chef? Well, the French experience food with all senses, particularly with the eyes. Food must be as beautiful as it is pleasing to the palate. Achieving that was Candace's goal. 

Today, Candace owns and operates Dolce Delights, a contemporary patisserie in Houston's Midtown neighborhood. The space compliments the style of dessert Candace creates - minimal & stylish. She uses only the finest ingredients, sweetening the cake with 100% fruit purees. I see the French influence in her white chocolate mousse, and I see the Asian influence in her dome cakes. During my tasting, Candace poured me a cold glass of Yuzu Macha tea, straight from Japan. So many worldly food cultures culminating in one spot, in Texas.

Candace, thank you for being so gracious. Your chic inventive pastries and inspiring stories of travel - truly a girl after my own heart! It was a treat getting to meet you, looking forward to coming back in the next time I'm in Houston.

very best,

Images, are mine from front to back: chocolate hazelnut crunch, grand marnier chocolate truffle, raspberry pistachio dome cake, lemon basil dome cake with blueberries, and passion fruit white chocolate mousse


  1. Those look absolutely delicious. Baked goods is what I miss most about France. Oh those glorious little cakes and sweets. So amazing.

    1. I agree Kim. The French have a way with food, particularly desserts! I've yet to find a croissant as tasty as those found in French bakeries.

  2. I love the French meets Asian concept :) Will have to check Candace out next time we're in Houston!

    1. Totally Addie. Candace was telling me that there are actually quite a few French Chefs in SE Asia - who would have thunk it? Definitely check out Dolce next time you're in Houston - and try her macha tea too, delicious!


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