New Orleans Fashion Week | Kallen Forster

Friday, October 19, 2012

The past few nights I've been at the New Orleans Fashion Week Sp,Su 2013 runway shows. I try to make this event each season because it's such a treat for admirers of fashion - and it's just a great group of people and designers. I love seeing my favorites, a la Lisa Iacono. And I love discovering a new favorite, a la Kallen Forster. She's a young designer, working as an apprentice to one of the most exquisite dress designers around, Suzanne Perron (which, small world, Iacono also apprenticed with Perron). What I loved about her collection last night were the colors - lots of whites and neutrals in the Peruvian patterns + Kenyan beadwork. So lovely, soft, and feminine with the right amount of edge.


Images, New Orleans Fashion Week Kallen Forster Sp,Su 2013 (that's me in the photo to the right with the camera)


  1. Great shots Lila! It was so fun chatting with you. xo

    1. Thanks Juley, you're a doll! Glad to be in touch.


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