Team Murphey

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts and writing lately. This guy has needed my undivided attention as he goes through a little blip in the road. Puppies aren't supposed to get cancer, but sometimes they do. And when they do, I believe it's up to us humans to give the disease hell! Chad has set up a Facebook Page to keep our friends & family updated on Murphey's progress, as well as to raise awareness for osteosarcoma and provide support to other dog owners who may be facing a similar situation. You can find the page at Team Murphey by clicking here.

Image, Murphey in the morning in our front yard by Chad


  1. Sending our best wishes to you guys and Murphey!! xoxoxo

    1. So sweet thank you Addie. Murph is home from his little procedure and full of energy - containing him for the next 4 weeks will be a bit of a challenge. Next step is meeting with an oncologist at LSU to see how far the cancer has progressed. Fingers crossed he can beat this nasty disease!


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