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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"I didn't fall in love with Paris."

Hm? It's not something you really expect to hear, after all Paris is one of those iconic cities that we all dream of visiting one day... with grand visions of it all playing out like a postcard. But every now and again I do hear from someone who had a less than stellar experience. And when I do, I let them explain to me why they believe they didn't fall in love with the city the way they'd hoped. The majority of the time it's because they didn't allow themselves time. "Well, we only had like 48 hours, so..." Let's be clear here, you cannot do Paris justice in a day or two. You'll be exhausted and disappointed. When I say this, I get nods of agreement.

So recently, a blogger friend, Ashley, admitted to not loving Paris. And because I have such a love affair with not only Paris but France in general, I was quick to find out why she didn't love it. Now I wasn't with her during her trip, though I wish I was because then I could do my best to make sure she left feeling Paris the way I feel it. So in an attempt to salvage her love for Paris, Ashley asked me to pull together my recommendations for her next trip over. I will say my 3 biggest suggestions for a successful trip to not only Paris, but to any foreign city, is (1) allow yourself proper time to really experience a place, (2) accommodation dictates how you experience a place much more than you may realize, and (3) embrace the unplanned. You can find my Paris recommendations on Ashley's blog Fun As We Go by clicking here.
If at the end of all that, you still don't love Paris, that's quite ok. There are places you're just not going to feel anything special for. I would venture to guess though that if you didn't fall head over heels for Paris, but gave yourself the opportunity to travel other parts of France, you fell hard for another pocket of the country - oui?

Images, in Paris taken by Chad


  1. I look forward to visiting Paris one day :)

    1. it's such a fantastic city with a great vibe. we can start planning your inaugural trip whenever you'd like, say at our next lunch together! ;)


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