A Romper In My One Tiny Bag

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

From the City to the Country, one day, one outfit. I probably won't make this sort of post a habit, I simply loathe having my picture taken; however, I do speak often about the ability to pack light, making an outfit work in multiple ways. Last Saturday was a prime example of this. I was headed to my hometown of Lafayette for the day - brunch with my girlfriends in the City then hanging with my family out in the Country. I didn't want to bring a separate set of clothes, so I brought a separate pair of shoes. Two different looks for two different occasions, not two different outfits. I'm 34 and I love rompers. For me, the best way to make them work is to pair them with opaque leggings. Chunky heels and an off-white blazer, ready for brunch in the City. Throw on some cowboy boots, ready for an afternoon in the Country. 
Before heading out the door early that morning I asked Chad to snap a couple of photos of me. He looked at me as if to say, "seriously?". Then mumbled something about needing to find more guy friends.

Romper is Red Lantern in the French Quarter; Velvet Blazer is GAP; opaque tights are JCrew; Short cowboys are Aldo


  1. Ha! My boyfriend feels the same way about taking outfit photos for my blog (which is rare).


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