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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trying desperately to sleep but wanting to stay awake for the moment. Looking around me, it appeared everyone else was doing the same on the 7-hr flight from Tokyo to Thailand. Then, upon our approach into Bangkok, the cabin came alive. Bodies shifting toward the windows to get a first glimpse. And it was as if the pilot knew it, tilting and banking, showing off the city before coming in for a landing.

After making it rather quickly through customs, I hopped into a cab and whisked to the city center straight to my hotel, The Sukhothai. Arriving shortly after 1 in the morning... and after nearly 30 hours of travel... was like entering Eden. Quite literally too - flowering trees, plants, reflection pools, welcoming faces. My first impression of this acclaimed, graceful hotel was a mighty one. 
Tui, one of the managers, greeted me by name as another gentleman took my bags from my tired arms. While Tui led me to my suite he pointed out the Salon, adjacent to the main lobby, as the location for lavish chocolate and tea. Tui had me pegged in the 10 minutes that he knew me. He also gave me a brief history lesson in that the hotel is named for the capital of Thailand's ancient Sukhothai Kingdom known for its beauty, distinct style, and architecture. My suite was a true extension of that - Thai silk, soft music, gorgeous teakwood, bronze, marble, fresh flowers, exotic fruit, and bedside truffles. Laying my head down that first night in Thailand was almost an indescribable feeling. How do you put into words the feeling of finally arriving at a place you've wanted to for so long? 
The next morning I threw open the curtains to this sight. Glancing just above was the Bangkok skyline. I couldn't wait to get my feet on the ground & explore! But first, room service.
Before hitting the streets of Bangkok, I had the opportunity to explore the property from tip to tip with Sukhothai's Director of Sales, Mr. Sato. He & I walked the grounds, popping into several rooms so I could see the different accommodation options. We also visited the Spa Botanica, the Pool, The Lawn (perfect garden venue for events and receptions) and both highly-praised restaurants - Celadon, serving authentic Thai, and La Scala, offering fine Italian dining. And mustn't forget about Thimian, a gourmet cafe with the most delectable macarons in every flavor conceivable. Every hotel should have a Thimian.
The Sukhothai's location, just steps away from the River, shopping, and markets make it an ideal base with which to explore Bangkok. I personally like it because it's a little respite from the hustle and bustle, and your every desire is simply catered to, with a smile. And, let's be honest, a simple elegantly designed hotel gets me every time.
Thank you to Joe Cauchi (Regional Director of Sales - America), Hisakazu Sato (Director of Sales - Asia) and Kriangkrai Jaiboon (Tui) for making my visit so special.
The Sukhothai Bangkok is one of my partner hotels. Contact me at (504) 717-6144 or for information on exclusive benefits such as an upgrade on arrival (subject to availability), daily breakfast for 2 guests each morning, and complimentary lunch or dinner at Celadon Restaurant.

Images, taken January 2013


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