Travel Week Recap | Las Vegas August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last week I was in Las Vegas to attend Virtuoso's annual Travel Week where basically every August thousands of the world's best hoteliers, tour operators, and travel suppliers from around the world converge on Bellagio to meet & mingle. It's a fantastic time to put faces to names, make new contacts, and learn about the latest in luxury travel. Below are some shots of properties that caught my eye during the famed 4-minute meetings, along with a few personal photos mixed in from the lunches / dinners / cocktails that went on from dawn 'til dusk in the city never sleeps..



  1. Loved following your trip last week to my hometown. Love that place more than anything... fun times in Vegas xx

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  3. Amazingly fun times in Vegas, wish you would have been in town. Next time because a little Vegas reunion with everyone is definitely in order! x


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